NAME OF THE SCHEME: Assistance for Exchange Programme / Seminar / Conference / Workshop on AYUSH.




The scheme is aimed at achieving the following objectives:

a)      Promotion and development of AYUSH  with special reference to their strengths and contemporary issues and development ;

b)      Dissemination of proven result of R&D work in AYUSH; and

c)      Provide a forum where horizontal and vertical interaction among stake           holders of AYUSH can take place through International Cooperation, Conference and Seminars (International, National & Regional).

d)      Promotion of AYUSH by participants in Exhibition, trade fair, National and International events relevant to AYUSH.    



Institutions / bodies eligible for assistance:


a)      Department of AYUSH.      

b)      State Governments.

c)      Autonomous bodies functioning under the Department of AYUSH.

d)      Central / State Government Institutions involved in the promotion of the cause of AYUSH.

e)      Reputed NGOs and individuals (Indian & Foreign) involved in the dissemination of proven results of AYUSH, promotion & development of AYUSH and having at least 3 years experience in the field.

f)        Apex / recognized associations of trade and industry working in   the field of AYUSH.


            Under the scheme funds will be provided to eligible organizations for meeting expenses on air fare , boarding and lodging, local transport and other contingencies of the delegates invited from abroad to attend the international Conference on AYUSH.


National conference  / Workshops / Seminar organized by Department of  AYUSH

Rs. 3.00 lakh to Rs. 5.00 lakhs as per requirements.


National Conference / Workshop / Seminar organized by the State Government

maximum Rs. 3.00 lakhs


National Seminar organized by NGOs

maximum Rs. 1.00 lakh.


National Seminars or Workshops/ Conference by eminent Institutions / University

Maximum Rs. 2.00 lakhs.




      The eligible Non Government Organizations shall send their request in the prescribed format at Annexure, along with the following documents:-


(i)Article of Association, bye-laws, audited statement of accounts for last three years, activities and performance report for the last three years, sources and pattern of income and expenditure etc.


(ii)Certificate showing the institution has not obtained or applied for grants for the same purpose or activity from any other Ministry or Department of the Government of India or the State Government.




            Director, E&C Section, Department. of AYUSH, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Government of India, Indian Red Cross Society Building , Red Cross road , New Delhi-110 001,



Department of AYUSH  

Ministry of Health & Family Welfare

IRCS Building, 1 Red Cross 1 Road,

New Delhi - 110001


            Application for grant of financial assistance for organizing Seminars /Symposium /Workshops under Scheme for assistance for Exchange Programme/ Seminars/Workshops on AYUSH.


            All applications for grant of financial assistance should be furnished, completed in all respect with all details in the prescribed proforma (in two copies) at least four months before the date of commencement of the Seminar/ Symposium/ Workshop.




Name of Scientific Association/ Body/ Society/ NGO/ Institution seeking financial assistance :




Full postal address:




Please indicate whether it is the main Society or Chapter/ Unit/Branch of the main Association/ Body/ Society and status of the organization which is applying:




In case of NGO- Article of Association, bye-laws, audited statement of accounts for last three years, activities and performance report for the last three years, sources and pattern of income and expenditure etc. must be enclosed:




Certificate showing the institution has not obtained or applied for grants for the same purpose or activity from any other Ministry or Department of the Government of India or the State Government may also be enclosed:




Topic and subject of Seminar/ Symposium/ Workshops (please be specific) (give brief synopsis):




Date(s) and place of holding Seminar/ Symposium/ Workshop:



8. (a)

Scientific details of the Seminar/Symposium/Workshop (including various technical sessions). A tentative programme of activities may be supplied:




Relevance and important of the topic in the context of priority areas of national health needs:




Explain briefly as to how the subject of the seminar/symposium/ Workshop is directly related to dissemination of proven results of AYUSH:.




In what way the Seminar/ Symposium/Workshop is expected to contribute to the existing knowledge in the field?




In case the topic of the Seminar/Symposium/Workshop is the same as in previous years, what is your justification for the same?




Has any Chapter/Unit/Branch of the Association/ Body/ Society/NGO received any grant from the Central Government i.e. Ministry of Health & Family Welfare , Department of AYUSH  during the last three years for organizing Seminar/ Symposium/ Workshop? If so, give details year-wise and quote the relevant reference (letter No. and date), in tabular form under the following heads , along with a report of work done/ summary of achievements and its effect on the society at large:



Name of Body

(indicating if it is a Branch/ Chapter/ Unit etc.)



Letter No.

and date


Name of the





Utilisation Certificate



If the application is from an institute/ Department, give details regarding collaboration, if any, with particular institute/ Department/ Representative National scientific bodies:





( How many delegates are expected to participate? (indicate the number of national and international delegates separately):




How many of the delegates are expected to present papers?      (Please give their names, designation and topics ). If abstracts have been received,  please send copies:




Please give structure of Seminar , speakers with their topic    for  each session:




To how many delegates is TA/DA offered?



Please indicate the proportion of expenditure which is to be incurred on the faculty members and on young active scientists for participation in the Seminar/ Symposium/ Workshop: 




Do you propose to publish the proceedings of the Seminar/ Symposium/ Workshop? If so, how do you propose to meet the expenses?




What is the total anticipated expenditure? Please give details under various heads.




What is the amount requested for from the Central Government?




What will be the contribution of the organization?




Details of grants requested / received from other agencies like UGC,INSA,DST,CSIR and ICAR for the proposed Seminar/ Symposium/ Workshop:



Name of Agency

Grant requested

Grant received

Items for which

grant has been

asked for

Whether U.C.





Income from participants by way of Registration fee etc.:




Income from other sources:





Whether report and Utilization Certificate for grant, if any, received earlier, from the Central Government have been submitted?




Name of the authority who will be responsible for submitting the audited statement of accounts / Utilization Certificate and proceedings/ Report of the Seminar/ Symposium/ Workshop:




Are the Organizers ready to furnish:




A brief summary report on the Seminar/ Symposium/ Workshop and its impact on participants:




One copy of the proceedings, as and when published:




The proposal of Non Government Organization must be forwarded either by Directorate of AYUSH (State) or by District Magistrate or by District (Ayurveda/ Unani/ Homoeopathy) Medical Officer. The forwarding letter must carry the Name, postal address, phone/fax etc of the recommending authority to verify the veracity of the NGO. The forwarding letter must carry the recommendation in this form that:- “ I certify that the organization is a bonafide organization & I recommend this proposal”.




Any other information relevant to the context.







Dated :



Signature of the

Head of the Institution